Sara Matter – Unveiling the Woman Beside Niall Matter

Sara Matter - Unveiling the Woman Beside Niall Matter

Sara Matter is famous because of Niall Matter, a very famous actor in America and Canada known for his first leading character in Trent Hamilton’s “The Best Years” series in 2017.

Niall Matter’s wife, Sara Bradley Matter, is an entrepreneur who lives in Canada. She is famous because of Niall Matter’s acting performances. Sara and Niall have two children, Kate and Betsy.

Further, We will reveal detailed information about her personal life and relationship with her husband, Niall Matter. Want to know more about her? Stay tuned for it.

Who Is Niall Matter’s Wife, Sara Matter? – A Brief Introduction!

Who Is Niall Matter’s Wife, Sara Matter? - A Brief Introduction!
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Sara’s real name is Sara Bradley Matter, married to Niall Matter. The successful woman was born on May 5, 1986, in Alberta, Canada. 

Her Zodiac sign is Leo, and she’s a Christian. Sara Matter’s height is 5 feet 5 inches, weighs 61 kilograms.

Father nameMr. Bradley
Age 37 years (as of 2023)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Net worthApproximately $4 million
Shoe size8.5 (Us size)
Favorite animalDog
Favorite food Canadian cuisine
Favorite color Black and pink

Miss Bradley is a caring wife  and a caring mom to their two kids, Kate and Betsy. Sara loves  tattoos so much that she inked the tattoo on her right hand. As she believes that it’s an art of God.  

Niall Matter’s Age

On 20 October 1980, Niall Matter was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He grew up on his family’s dairy farm. He comes from a lineage of oil rig workers. As he becomes a  third-generation oil rigger. 

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Sara’s Husband Niall Matter – Everything About Him!

When Matter was 17, he faced challenges, leading his parents to send him to work on oil rigs with his grandfather for three months. 

Niall spent eight years laboring on oil rigs in Northern Alberta and continued to work alongside his granddad on oil rigs.

Sara’s Husband Niall Matter - Everything About Him!
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The legendary actor was 25 years old when he was nearly crushed in the cab of a 17-ton drilling rig while working on oil rigs. 

It takes six months to fully recover from the leg injury, with the considerable treatment required to restore his ability to walk. When he went back to work, Matter came to know that a person lost both legs so left his job due to this accident, moved to Vancouver, and started his acting career there. 

Niall’s journey into acting began at the age of thirteen when a school teacher encouraged him to explore theater. 

He showed his talent when he won the Best Actor award in a provincial drama “A Night in the Ukraine”  in 1999.  

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Family And Siblings Of Sara Matter:

Sara Matter keeps her family and sibling’s information private, even though her husband, Niall Matter, is well-known as an actor. 

The legendary woman named Sara’s parents are Irish and Russian background, She was raised in Edmonton, Alberta.

Her family is behind him. However, it is unclear how many siblings she has. Because this young lady is protective of her family’s privacy.

Wedding Of Sara And Niall Matter

she is the cherished wife of Niall Matter. They had a private wedding in July 2016, probably with their family and friends.

Wedding Of Sara And Niall Matter
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The marriage ceremony was organized in Kauai, Hawaii, they didn’t invite many people to their wedding which is why people are confused about who Niall Matter is married to.

Their love story began with a lucky meeting and grew into a beautiful story filled with dreams and goals. 

Kate And Betsy’s Date Of Birth

Their eldest child is Kate, she was born the same year as her parents got married in 2016. Then in 2018, Betsy was born, bringing their family even more joy and happiness.

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Parents Of Two Children – Kate And Betsy

They are proud parents and love their daughters so much. In an interview, Niall said “I want to spend time with my family and don’t want to overdo things.

I have responsibilities to do and also have my acting career, I will manage the time between my work and family. 

But I’m making time to support my daughters and ensure my wife is happy and the family is doing well. Because they’re my world, I want to do everything possible to make them happy.”

The Upbringing Of Children – Teaching Religious Values!

Niall and Sara are bringing up their kids with Christian values, sharing the beliefs that mean a lot to them.

Sara Matter The Upbringing Of Children - Teaching Religious Values!
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Their strong faith is a big part of how they’re raising their daughters, Kate and Betsy.

It’s all about teaching them what’s important in life.

Niall Matter’s Acting Career – Remarkable Performance In Hallmark Movies

Niall Matter’s acting career is full of different roles and success in the entertainment industry. He debuted in 2007 with “Loch Ness Terror” and he played the character “Zane Donovan” in a Sci-Fi series “Eureka.” 

He performed as a supporting character in the film “Watchmen.”, also received awards for his best performance in “Primeval: New World,” Niall’s career continues with appearances on shows such as “Remedy,” “GirlfriendsGuide to Divorce,” and Hallmark Channel features. 

In 2014, he joined the cast of “When Calls the Heart” and appeared in CW dramas as a guest star. 

Niall’s acting performances show his talent and versatility, making him a well-known personality in the entertainment field.

Sara And Niall’s Net Worth:

As of 2021, the estimated net worth of Sarah Matter is $1 million. She earned it through her business. Niall Matter has a net worth of $8 million from his acting career. She is recognized as Niall’s wife and for her commitment to his family and business 

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To summarize,

Sara Bradley Matter is an entrepreneur, and wife of Niall Matter, a Canadian-American actor. Niall’s popularity is because of the Hallmark Channel original movie “Marrying Father Christmas.” and “Finding Father Christmas,”.


1. Is Niall Matter’s wife Sara Bradley Matter an actress?

No, Sara Matter is not an actress she is an entrepreneur and famous because the wife of a well-known hallmark movie actor Niall Matter.

2. Who is Sara Matter married to?

Sara Matter is married to Niall Matter, a well-known American-Canadian actor famous for his roles in Hallmark original movies “The Best Years,” and “Eureka,”.

3. What is the profession of Sara Matter?

She is known for her involvement in the business world. She is a successful Canadian businesswoman and entrepreneur.

4. What Is the Net Worth Of Sara Matter?

According to 2021, the approximate net worth of Sara Matter is $1 million from his business career.

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