Equinox Guest Pass – Elevate Your Fitness Journey!

Equinox Guest Pass

Upgrade your lifestyle in 2023 with the Equinox guest pass! Enjoy exclusive access to premium fitness facilities and join a community of like-minded people for an inspiring fitness journey.

Unlock a world of benefits with the Equinox guest pass! Access exclusive events and classes and experience Equinox’s commitment to result-oriented fitness and holistic wellness.

In this article, we will explore Now, isn’t that an exciting turn for your fitness journey in 2023? Your Equinox guest pass awaits if you want to know that, so stay connected with me.

What does a Guest Pass include -Explore Luxury Fitness with Equinox!

Exploring Equinox through a guest pass is a liberating experience. Unlike other gyms, Equinox lets you delve into its offerings with no strings attached – no contracts, and your hard-earned U.S. dollars stay safe in your bank account.

What does a Guest Pass include
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The guest pass not only grants access to the entire club but also provides exclusive benefits, making your fitness journey even more enriching.

Enjoy a complimentary personal training session led by skilled professionals who tailor workouts to your fitness goals. The Equifit fitness assessment, also included, helps you understand your current fitness level and set achievable milestones.

Additionally, the guest pass extends a 25% discount on your first treatment at The Spa, adding a touch of relaxation to your wellness journey.

This risk-free opportunity allows you to explore Equinox at your own pace, deciding if it aligns with your fitness needs. It goes beyond a traditional gym experience, empowering you with complimentary services to kickstart and enhance your fitness journey.

Try Equinox with a guest pass – a pathway to holistic wellness with no commitments and exclusive benefits.

1. Exploring Equinox Events with a Guest Pass:

Unveiling the magic of Equinox events, your Guest Pass opens the door to an array of exciting experiences. Past events have been nothing short of extraordinary, and the best part is these exceptional moments are extended to you through the Guest Pass.

  • Diverse Offerings: Equinox events promise diverse activities from cooking classes with world-famous chefs to invigorating group fitness sessions at the One World Observatory.
  • Exclusive Access: With your Guest Pass, you get a taste of the exclusive events that have made Equinox gatherings stand out. It’s an opportunity to be part of something special.
  • No Crystal Ball Needed: While we can’t predict future events, the Guest Pass ensures you won’t miss out on the captivating happenings that make Equinox events memorable.
  • Culinary Delights: Immerse yourself in culinary excellence with cooking classes led by renowned chefs. It’s a chance to sharpen your kitchen skills and savor delightful creations.
  • Fitness with a View: Elevate your fitness routine with group classes at the One World Observatory. Sweating it with a stunning backdrop adds a unique touch to your workout.
  • Holistic Experiences: Equinox events go beyond the ordinary, offering holistic experiences that blend fitness, culinary arts, and captivating venues.
  • Guest Pass Inclusivity: The Guest Pass doesn’t just grant access to the gym; it’s your ticket to engaging events catering to diverse interests.
  • Memorable Moments: Reflecting on past events, Equinox has curated memorable moments, and with your Guest Pass, you become part of this history of exceptional experiences.
  • Stay Tuned for Surprises: While we can’t peek into the future, the Guest Pass ensures you’re on the list for upcoming surprises and events that Equinox has in store.
  • Embrace the Experience: Whether mastering culinary arts or breaking a sweat with a view, the Guest Pass invites you to embrace the extraordinary experiences that make Equinox events truly special.

2. Included Group Classes:

Finding Equinox’s included group classes is easy. You can either book ahead through Equinox concierge or just show up. It’s fun to be spontaneous, but calling ahead ensures you get a spot in the class you want, as they can fill up quickly.

Included Group Classes
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There are two ways to book and reserve your spot in advance: by contacting Equinox concierge or taking a chance and joining without a reservation.

If you like surprises, you can just walk in, but be careful because popular classes might have limited space without reservations.

There are excellent classes like ‘Master of One,’ a high-intensity weight training class, and ‘The Muse,’ a mix of cardio and dance for a fun workout.

Equinox makes it easy for you to plan your fitness journey the way you like – whether it’s a planned schedule or a spontaneous choice.

3. Group Fitness Classes: Sure, here’s a simplified version:

“For some group fitness classes, you need to book your spot in advance, and you won’t be allowed to join if you haven’t reserved a spot. You can book one class online for each category.

 If you don’t show up at the start of the class, Equinox might give your reserved spot to someone else. Remember, this applies if you book online or through their mobile app. So, book ahead and be on time to enjoy your fitness class.

4. No Outside Trainers:

Equinox has a clear policy: you can’t bring your trainer to their clubs; you have to use the trainers they provide. It’s not allowed to offer personal training services to other members or guests, and you can’t receive personal training from them either, whether or not money is involved. 

Stick to the rules and use the trainers available at Equinox for a smooth and enjoyable experience at their clubs.

Referral Program – Here’s a more straight explanation:

If you refer a friend to Equinox, you can get a gift card, but there are some rules. The gift card will be added to your account about 30 days after your friend joins Equinox.

  • How it Works: Equinox offers This program a nice bonus, but they can change or stop it anytime. You can refer anyone to Equinox, but you won’t get a gift card if they used to be a member or joined with a short-term or junior membership.
  • To join the referral program, you must be a member in good standing, not have an overdue balance, and not be an Equinox employee or affiliated with them.
  • Eligibility to Participate: If you owe money, are not in good standing with Equinox, get a free membership, have a short-term or junior membership, or work for Equinox, you can’t join the referral program. You must be a regular member in good standing to be part of it.”

Which locations offer guest passes – Secure Your Guest Pass and Unleash the Luxury!

Most Equinox locations offer guest passes, but it can vary. Guest passes may change, so it’s a good idea to ask Equinox staff at your chosen fitness club to ensure they still allow guests and trial passes.

Which locations offer guest passes
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1. Trial pass or Guest pass:

“If you don’t know anyone with an Equinox membership, you can still experience the perks by getting a Trial Pass, just like a Guest Pass. Trial Passes typically last for one or two full days, and occasionally, they might extend to a week during special promotions. 

Guest passes, which last 1 or 2 days (sometimes up to 7 days), are an option if you have a friend with an Equinox membership. So, even if you’re going solo, you can enjoy the benefits of Kiehl’s products and relaxing eucalyptus steam rooms at Equinox.”

2. How do I sign up for a Trial Pass:

To get a Trial Pass, you can use the Equinox app on your phone, whether it’s Android or Apple.

Another way is to go to the Equinox website and fill out a form in the Contact Us section. Tell them you want a Trial Pass, and they should get back to you the same day.

If you prefer, just give Equinox a call. Talking to a customer service person might even get you more days for your trial. Some big companies are open to negotiation, especially if they think you might become a full member. It’s worth a try.

3. How do I sign up for a Guest Pass:

Want to experience Equinox through a friend’s invite? Just ask them, and you’ll get a notification on your Equinox App.

Here’s what your friend needs to do: Open the Equinox app, tap the More button at the bottom, and choose Guest Passes. After following the steps, you can finish the sign-up and imagine yourself enjoying the calm of the Equinox swimming pool.

You can always call Equinox for help signing up, but remember that the person on the phone might want you to visit the club.


In simple terms, this pass lets you enjoy the fancy and special things about Equinox, highlighting what makes it unique and valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I get an Equinox guest pass?

Ask a friend to invite you through the Equinox app or call Equinox directly for options.

2. What can I do with an Equinox guest pass?

Experience the luxury facilities, attend classes, and use the amenities.

3. Can I extend my guest pass duration?

Contact Equinox directly; they might offer additional days, especially if you’re considering a full membership.

4. How do I sign up for a Trial Pass?

Use the Equinox app, fill out the website’s contact form, or call Equinox for assistance.

Is the Equinox guest pass available at all locations?

Guest pass availability may vary, so check with Equinox staff or through the app.

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