Bunny Hedaya Husband – Dive into their family story!

Bunny Hedaya Husband

Bunny Hedaya’s husband, Harry Hedaya excels in supportive co-parenting, emphasizing their son’s happiness as a priority post-divorce.

Discover the strength in evolving relationships and prioritizing their child’s well-being.

The TikTok Spat and Online Recognition – Click, Watch, Enjoy!

Let’s dive into the TikTok drama that made Bunny, also known as Bunny Barbie, a big deal online. Bunny disagreed with another TikTok star named Kodye Elyse. They made a video together where they shared their thoughts about a fancy party called Revolve Fest.

The TikTok Spat and Online Recognition

This video caught the attention of Bethenny Frankel, who joined in by saying that Bunny and Kodye seemed to have many privileges.

People all over the internet started talking about this drama, and Bunny became even more famous. More and more folks began following her on TikTok (@bunnyhedaya) to see what she would do next. It’s interesting how a little online disagreement can make someone a star, right?

Where She’s From, Family, and Relationships – Getting to Know Bunny!

Bunny, aka Bunny Barbie, was born in Albany, New York on November 15, 1990. Now, in 2024, she’s 33 years old and rocking it. Bunny is part of the Caucasian community and a straight lady.

Where She's From, Family, and Relationships
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In the past, Bunny was married to a guy named Harry Hedaya, and they have an adorable son together named Aiden Hedaya. If you’re wondering about Bunny’s family and relationships, she keeps much of that private, adding a touch of mystery to her life.

While she shares bits and pieces of her journey online, a whole side of Bunny is just for her and those closest to her.

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Bunny’s Diverse Career Paths – Embark on!

Modeling Marvel:

Bunny, also known as Bunny Barbie, is not just a TikTok sensation – she’s a model too. Modeling means Bunny takes stylish pictures, and she probably looks super cool in them.

Modeling Marvel:

Singing Sensation:

Bunny isn’t only a model; she’s also a singer. Imagine her singing some amazing tunes. She shares her singing talent, adding a musical touch to her skills.

DJ Extraordinaire:

Wait, there’s more! Bunny is also a DJ, playing awesome music for people to dance and have a great time. Picture Bunny spinning the tunes and creating a fantastic party atmosphere.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Bunny isn’t just about social media – she’s also a boss lady in business. Bunny has her clothing line as an entrepreneur, showing off her creative side.

Multi-Talented Star:

Bunny’s career is like a mixtape of modeling, singing, DJing, and business. Talk about having many talents. Her ability to juggle various roles makes her not just a TikTok star but a versatile and multi-talented personality.

Reality TV Stardom – Legally Bunny and Beyond!

Bunny, also known as Bunny Barbie, is not just a TikTok star; she has her own reality TV show, “Legally Bunny.” Unlike regular TV dramas, this show is all about Bunny’s real-life adventures, and she’s not just the star – she’s the one in charge, making things happen.

Reality TV Stardom

Watching “Legally Bunny” feels like hanging out with Bunny and seeing what she does daily. But Bunny’s TV story doesn’t end there. She’s got more plans and surprises waiting for her fans.

If you’re a Bunny enthusiast and want to know what happens when the cameras are rolling, “Legally Bunny” is where you need to be. Follow Bunny on her social media, especially Instagram(@bunnyhedaya), for updates and behind-the-scenes fun. Get ready for more TV magic and adventures with Bunny.

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Managing Divorce and Co-Parenting – Join the Journey!

Now, let’s talk about Bunny’s family. Bunny, also known as Bunny Barbie, was married to a guy named Harry Hedaya, and they have a son named Aiden Hedaya. But here’s the thing – Bunny and Harry aren’t together anymore.

Managing Divorce and Co-Parenting

They decided to get a divorce, but guess what? They are still doing something really special together. It’s called co-parenting.

Co-parenting means that even though Bunny and Harry aren’t married, they still work together to care for their son, Aiden. They go on family trips and make sure Aiden gets to spend time with both of them.

Bunny and Harry are good at keeping things normal and happy for their son, even though they don’t live in the same house. It’s like having two houses but still having one big, happy family.

Height, Appearance, and Intriguing Facts – Uncover Bunny’s charm!

HeightDive into Bunny’s vibrant social media presence, especially on platforms like YouTube, TikTok (@bunnyhedaya), and Instagram (@bunnyhedaya), to explore more about her intriguing facts and catch glimpses of her unique style and daily adventures.
WeightBunny’s weight is 110 pounds.
Hair ColourBunny boasts light brown hair, adding to her distinctive appearance.
Eye ColourDark grey eyes complement Bunny’s unique look.
Meeting HusbandBunny met her husband at the age of 23.
Piloting LessonsBunny has taken piloting lessons, although she is not a licensed pilot.
Voice ResemblanceBunny’s voice has been noted to sound somewhat similar to Kourtney Kardashian’s.
Social Media PresenceDive into Bunny’s vibrant social media presence, especially on platforms like YouTube, TikTok (@bunnyhedaya), and Instagram (@bunnyhedaya), to explore more about her intriguing facts and catch glimpses of her unique style and daily adventures.


1. Who is Bunny Hedaya’s ex-husband?

Bunny Hedaya’s ex-husband is Harry Hedaya, a successful entrepreneur in the corporate sector.

2. What does Harry Hedaya do for a living?

Harry Hedaya is known for his success as an entrepreneur, making notable achievements in the corporate world.

3. How many children do Bunny and Harry have?

Bunny Hedaya and Harry Hedaya are parents to a son named Aiden Hedaya, showcasing their shared journey in parenthood.

4. Are Bunny and Harry still married?

No, Bunny Hedaya and Harry Hedaya are no longer married; they underwent a divorce, each moving forward in separate paths.

5. What are Bunny and Harry’s approach to co-parenting?

Despite the end of their marital relationship, Bunny and Harry remain dedicated to co-parenting, ensuring their son, Aiden Hedaya, experiences the love and support of both parents.

6. What is Harry Hedaya known for professionally?

Harry Hedaya has earned recognition as a highly accomplished entrepreneur, with his professional endeavors contributing significantly to his stature in the corporate sector.


Bunny’s life is a colorful mix of TikTok, family, and cool careers. Even after the divorce, Bunny and Harry stay close to their son. Bunny has it all, whether you like drama, family stories, or careers.

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