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When it comes to finding a specific location, such as 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335, it is essential to have detailed information to ensure you reach the correct destination. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335, covering all the necessary details and insights you need to know.

Location Overview

1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 is a specific address located in Falfurrias, Texas. This address is situated in a residential area, providing access to various amenities and facilities nearby. Whether you are looking to visit, reside, or conduct business at this location, understanding the surroundings and accessibility is crucial.

Transportation and Accessibility

Accessing 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 is convenient through multiple transportation options. The address is easily reachable by car, with well-connected roads and highways leading to the location. Additionally, public transportation services are available in the vicinity, offering alternative travel choices for visitors and residents.

Local Attractions and Landmarks

Exploring the area around 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 reveals a range of local attractions and landmarks. From parks and recreational spots to historical sites and cultural venues, there is plenty to see and experience in the vicinity. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich heritage and vibrant community of Falfurrias.

Residential and Commercial Spaces

1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 encompasses a mix of residential and commercial spaces, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a place to live, work, or invest, this address offers a range of options to explore. Understanding the real estate landscape and business opportunities in the area is essential for making informed decisions.

Educational Institutions and Facilities

Education plays a vital role in any community, and 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 is no exception. The address is in proximity to various educational institutions and facilities, providing access to quality learning opportunities for students of all ages. Understanding the educational landscape in the area can help residents and visitors make informed choices regarding schooling and training.

Healthcare Services and Facilities

Access to healthcare services is crucial for maintaining well-being, and 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 offers proximity to healthcare facilities and services. From hospitals and clinics to pharmacies and medical centers, residents and visitors can access essential healthcare resources in the vicinity. Knowing where to find medical assistance is essential for ensuring health and safety.

Shopping and Dining Options

Exploring the shopping and dining options near 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 provides a glimpse into the local culinary and retail scene. From restaurants and cafes to stores and markets, there is a variety of choices for residents and visitors to indulge in shopping and dining experiences. Discovering the best places to eat and shop can enhance the overall lifestyle in the area.

Community Events and Activities

Community events and activities play a significant role in fostering connections and creating memorable experiences for residents of 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335. From festivals and gatherings to sports events and cultural celebrations, there are numerous opportunities to engage with the community and participate in enriching activities. Staying informed about upcoming events can help individuals make the most of their time in the area.

Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives

Environmental conservation and sustainability are essential aspects of community development, and 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 may have initiatives in place to promote eco-friendly practices. Understanding the environmental efforts and sustainability projects in the area can provide insights into the community’s commitment to preserving natural resources and reducing carbon footprint. Supporting green initiatives can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable living environment.


In conclusion, 1200 W CR 104 Falfurrias TX 78335 offers a unique address with a blend of residential, commercial, and community elements that cater to diverse needs and interests. By exploring the location overview, transportation options, local attractions, educational and healthcare facilities, shopping and dining choices, community events, and environmental initiatives, residents and visitors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the area. Whether you are looking to visit, reside, or invest in this location, having detailed information about 1200

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